The Centre occupies 2350 m2 at the Center of Medical Research of Faculty of Medicine of Porto University (CIM-FMUP) building. The laboratories share core space and animal care facilities, house modern equipment for pharmacological, biochemical, physiological, electrophysiological, cell biology and molecular biology research. These include centrifuges, ultracentrifuges, high pressure liquid chromatographs, spectrophotometers, spectrofluorimeters, liquid scintillation counters, gamma counters, inverted and fluorescence microscopes, cell culture room facilities and facilities for in vivo work as well as other specialized use equipment.

The Centre Library houses a collection of 700 bound volumes and receives 40 current journals as well as providing access to medical and scientific data bases.

The academic computing center provides use of minicomputer and microcomputer facilities. These are available to all Departmental graduate students.

In CIM-FMUP there are some departments frequently used by the researchers from our Unit: Animal House, Experimental Surgery, Library, Auditorium, Labs, Molecular Medicine research support Lab (LAIMM), Nobre Lab, Microscopy imaging Lab.



Centre of Pharmacology and Chemical Biopathology

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